PayPal® Shopping Cart

We are excited about implementing a new PayPal Shopping Cart feature within our web site. This will allow you to make credit card purchases on-line and submit your order electronically. You will need a FREE PayPal Account to use this service, however, if you not currently have one, then one will be established for you when you check out.

Simply click the "ADD TO CART" buttons located throughout the web site to add an item to your shopping cart. There are "VIEW CART" buttons located throughout the web site so that you may always check the status of your shopping cart. There are also a few "PAYPAL PAYMENTS" buttons located within the web site so that you always make a payment by simply clicking on of them.

We are working very diligently to get individual cultivar pages for every daylily we sell. If there isn't a page available at this time with an "ADD TO CART" button, please email or call Amy at the garden about adding to your order.

PayPal® Shopping Cart: Shipping fees are automatically calculated for you at checkout
Orders with 1-5 plants - $15.00

Orders with 6- 10 plants - $20.00
Orders with 11- 20 plants - $27.00
Orders with 21-30 plants - $36.00
Orders with 31- 50 plants - $48.00
If you are ordering more than 50 plants please contact us so we can make special arrangements for shipping.

These prices are much closer to our regular shipping charges when ordering with us directly.

 Please include a note to us at checkout including your desired shipping date and a list of desired bonus plants.